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The French property market is complex; it lacks transparency and consists of a large number of agents and intermediaries. There are more than 1600 real estate agencies in the county of Alpes-Maritimes, most working on a very restricted, local basis. AAA Riviera distinguishes itself from others in the sense that when we accept a project, we do so by solely representing the interests of our client. This becomes apparent in the advice we give, the assistance during the negotiation we provide as well as the contractual follow-up. Thanks to our specialised and dedicated focus we are unconstrained in our search for property and are able to examine the entire market on behalf of our prospective buyers. Concordingly, prospective sellers have unrestricted access to the entirety of the market.

We are experts of the regional market. We assist you by defining your requirements, by steering you away from eventual pitfalls, by selecting the most suitable regions together with you and by ensuring that you do not pay too high a price. (Objective third party evaluations are not common in France). With your specific criteria in mind, combined with advice based on our personal experience as residents and professionals on the Côte d'Azur (security, access, traffic, environmental surroundings etc.), we comb the market in order to identify appropriate property.

Following a screening process of the properties on offer, we are left with a hand-picked selection of properties we have validated and that we submit to our Principal. Should these be of interest to you, we then agree on a schedule and together go on the pre-selected viewings.

THE PURCHASE - We negotiate the price together with you. It is important to be aware of the fact that in France, you buy a property "as is". Should you wish, we can request a competent surveyor to examine the technical quality of a given property. We also, when necessary, conduct investigations about elements surrounding the property through meetings with the local town hall. We follow up the contractual parts all the way through to obtaining the signed title deed which is witnessed by the notary. This includes the analysis of questions related to French civil-, tax- and inheritance-laws in order to enable you to make sound and considered decisions on the most suitable ownership structure.

Upon request, we can suggest financing and insurance companies as well as assisting in ordering various services (water, gas /electricity, telephone, internet, the opening of a local bank account etc.)

* Notary: A compulsory element in any French real estate. The notary authenticates the title deed and registers the transfer thereof. For information on the fee structures, see chapter purchasing process

We provide our customers with an overview of new, recently completed properties or residences that are to be delivered in the short to medium term in attractive locations on the French Riviera. Newly built properties are offered on the basis of published developer direct prices.

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