IN ORDER TO CLINCH A GOOD DEAL - If you wish to enhance your chances of making a good purchase (price, location, charm etc.), you should consider properties that need renovating. This being said, before embarking on such a project on your own in the South of France, we recommend you read the book "A year in Provence" by Peter Mayle. We would assert that without professional assistance and competent artisans, your chances of a successful renovation are remote…

ARTISANS ON THE FRENCH RIVIERA - It is a challenge to find and employ trustworthy and competent artisans on the Riviera. In addition, language is often a barrier. We have through experience and personal contacts during the last decade established a team that meets high expectations and requirements. We have many satisfied customers that have taken advantage of this.

SUPERVISION & MAINTENANCE OF A PROPERTY - Many of the residences in the South of France are used as holiday homes. Many of our customers have expressed the need for services such as supervision and maintenance during their periods of absence. Assistance of this nature is not necessarily expensive, and it gives one a great sense of comfort. We can undertake regular visits of the property, manage the maintenance of the garden, swimming pool, the gas burner etc. We can furthermore assist by participating at annual co-ownership general assemblies on behalf of our customers.

ARRANGING FOR RENTAL - Following the purchase of your property on the Riviera, you may wish to derive some rental income when not using it yourselves. Sub-rental may not be a part of our core business, but we naturally assist our clients in finding suitable tenants through our trustworthy contacts.

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